Video Composite #33 - Pamela MarksVideo Composite #33
Pamela Marks

Pool Project Installation in the Salon GalleryPool Project Intallation
In the Salon Gallery

First Words - Carrie SeidFirst Words
Carrie Seid

Pamela Marks in the AlcovePamela Marks in the Alcove

Video Composite #26 - Pamela MarksVideo Composite #26
Pamela Mark

Desert Lace - Carrie SeidDesert Lace
Carrie Seid

Video Composites, Luminosities in the Main Gallery
The Pool Project Installation in the Salon Gallery

October 30 through December 6, 2014
Tuesday- Friday 11 to 5, Saturday 11 to 4

Acrylics and works on paper by gallery regular Pamela Marks from video test screens, colorized, layered and resolved into modern abstractions. 

New wall sculpture by guest artist Carrie Seid.  Silk covered enclosures with aluminum interior forms react to changing light conditions and point of view by shifting line, color and shape, giving them the new category, luminosities. 

“The Pool Project”, an installation in the Salon Gallery by history painter and social critic Alfred Quiroz, in his signature irreverent pop art style.  Ironic bio-portraits of local pool owners and GPS maps of their pools.

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LOCATION: 154 E 6th Street, Tucson 85705

Open Tuesday - Friday 11am to 5pm
Saturday 11am to 4pm


CONTACT: Mike Dominguez
PHONE: (520) 629-9759

Sabino Sea - Alfred QuirozSabino Sea
Alfred Quiroz

Big Red - Carrie SeidBig Red
Carrie Seid