Tranquility #9 - Gail Marcus OrlenTranquility #9
Gail Marcus Orlen

Doll's Head - Judith Stewart
Doll's head
Judith Stewart

Honey Light - Jim Waidhoney light
Jim Waid

Scottish Coast - Bruce McGrew
Scottish Coast
Bruce McGrew

Gallery Artist Mix  September 2 to September 17

Season No. 39 starts out with a gallery-wide collection of paintings, works on paper and other media, and sculpture by nearly all of the Davis Dominguez Gallery regulars.  Abstract expressionist works by Josh Goldberg, Andy Polk, Joanne Kerrihard, Amy Metier, Lee Chesney, Tim Murphy and David Pennington are mixed among recent figurative works by Charlotte Bender, Susan Conaway, Jan Olsson, Robert Royhl and Jean Stern.  Oh, and 4 different kinds of landscapes from James Cook, Duncan Martin,  Debra Salopek and the late Bruce McGrew.  Alfred Quiroz’ masterpiece, The Famous Chicano Artist (after Courbet) is a standout history painting (for all you art history buffs).  Abstract and figurative sculpture by Barbara Jo, Steve Murphy, David Mazza, Joy Fox and Judith Stewart take the floor.  All leading up to our premiere exhibit opening September 18Four to Watch (see Exhibit Schedule).


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Fauno - Cristina CardenasFauno
Cristina Cardenas

Judges - Tom PhilabaumJudges
Tom Philabaum