Staircase - Duncan MartinStaircase
Dumcan Martin

Carey - Joy Fox
Joy Fox

Small Watercolor - Bruce McGrew
Small Watercolor
Bruce McGrew

Zion 1 - Duncan Martin
Zion 1
Duncan Martin

JOY FOX sculpture, DUNCAN MARTIN paintings, BRUCE McGREW (1937-1999) watercolors

March 27-May 3

Three gallery artists fill the Main Gallery with clay sculpture and landscapes on canvas and paper.  Joy Fox is one of the nation’s leading clay sculptors, creating a menagerie of imaginary beings.

Her mythical constructs evoke prehistoric art in their primitiveness and intricate surfaces.  The terracotta sculptures are combined with found objects.

Duncan Martin continues his expressionist landscape project, 58 IN 58 which is a journey to all 58 National Parks in a 58 month period. His rich colors and heightened darks and shadows are in raw emotional response to the exquisite beauty of America’s premier scenery.

The late Bruce McGrew (1937-1999) has been one of the most influential players in Tucson’s contemporary art scene, having schooled hundreds of artists during his 30-year career at the University of Arizona School of Art.  His trademark Unfolding Landscape series of master watercolors form 1980-1990 record his impressions of the region in its constantly changing light.


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LOCATION: 154 E 6th Street, Tucson 85705


Open Tuesday - Friday 11am to 5pm
Saturday 11am to 4pm


CONTACT: Mike Dominguez
PHONE: (520) 629-9759


Hammered - Joy FoxHammered
Joy Fox

River - Bruce McGrewRiver
Bruce McGrew